Saga of illness of Rajendra Mahato comes to an end

jivesBy Jivesh Jha –

The health of a leader is a valid concern for electorates. If the people are believing that their leader has been baton-charged for a no good reason and been taken for further treatment in New Delhi’s most expensive hospital, there is a certain kind of hope and expectation with the leader.

However, what if the wind is blowing contrary to reality? The Sadbhavana Party (SP) leaders and his supporters accused Nepal Police of causing grievous hurt of their Chairman Rajendra Mahato, who was baton charged by Police personnel during a protest program. He was
admitted to a Dharan-based hospital and later flown to New Delhi for further medical treatment. Nonetheless, the highly fabricated drama of grievous hurt caused to Mr Mahato comes to an end when he reached Kathmandu safely on January 17. The doctors revealed that he was
suffering from nothing but vitamin deficiency.

It’s widely believed that if a politician is fabricating his medical illness and does not disclose the reality, there is a certain kind of fraud being perpetuated on the voters. So, is the case with Mahato, who fabricated his medical issues. Surprisingly, when Mr Mahato was asked to see the doctor after a week for a follow-up, he spared his time in visiting the high profile politicos. Might be Mrs Shusma Swaraj, the Union Foreign Affairs Minister of India, Dr Karan Singh, a Senior Congress I leader, Pappu Yadav, an MP from Bihar, Indian President Pranav Mukherjee, Union Home Minister Raj Nath Singh and among other high profile leaders would have suggested
him to take medicines on time. And, intrigued by his claim of “representing the half sky of Nepal and Messiah of Madhesh,” the leaders in India decided to give him a try.

Mr Mahato used to knit his brows in an exaggerated effort at remembering the batons of Nepal Police in each meeting with Indian leaders—simply to gain sympathy. When an ill person meets his near and dear ones, he finds a kind of pleasure and strength. Maybe the similar case was with Mr Mahato when got opportunity to meet the top political brasses in India.

Getting an opportunity to meet the incumbent President, Foreign Affairs Minister, Home Minister, and among other persons holding top government offices in India is not a funny story. When Foreign Affairs Minister for Nepal Kamal Thapa was on a visit to India, he could not make a fortune to meet President and among other top government officers. However, Mr Mahato is a step ahead than the incumbent foreign affairs Minister Thapa in this regard. So, does not it prove that the stature of Mahato is bigger than Thapa? Though, Thapa is Chairing a fourth largest political force in Nepali parliament, he could not get opportunity to put arms around high profile politicians in India and then give a sidelong cuddle.

The leaders not only would have suggested him to take medicine on time but also hopefully suggested him to work for the cause of Madhesh. And, most importantly, they would have suggested him for sure to work in the line with Indian interest. The psychologists believe that even a patient is on death bed can be revived if surrounded by his affectionate persons and perfect well-wishers. When he was lathi-charged, none of the senior leaders of
Madheshi Morcha like Upendra Yadav, Mahanth Thakur and among others went to see him and pay sympathy. Even these leaders were reluctant to meet him just for a formality. After not finding any well wishers in Nepal, Mahato wished to fly to New Delhi.

The Indian leaders found him suffering from depression. In a fresh bid to bring him out of depression, the high profile leaders in India gave a wholehearted affection towards him. They sensed that Mr Mahato was not given any form of emotional attachment by the Nepali leaderships. So, just for the sake of humanity, they came forward to  arrange some
time for the depressed Mahato.

However, finding easy eyes, he became healthier and it’s expected that he is no more suffering from depression. After finding perfect well wishers in New Delhi, he got a call from Prime Minister KP Oli to meet him. Of late, though the Madheshi Moracha leaders not finding pertinent to see him, the high profile leaders of both India and Nepal have given him a due respect and care.

Firstly, a man suffering from so called grievous hurt got revived within few days after finding social attachment in New Delhi. Secondly, when the doctors advised him to take rest for a week and see them again after a week as a part of follow up, he wished to spare that time in meeting high profile leaders in New Delhi. Eventually, when returned to Kathmandu on January 17, he got appointments to meets high profile leaders , including Prime Minister KP Oli, in Kathmandu.

What a wonderful fortune he is blessed with. First, in the name of so called medical treatment, he got opportunity to meet high profile leaderships in India. And later, when he reaches to his political destination, he gets calls from top brasses again. Mr Mahato should not be in dilemma that Indian leaders have given their valuable time to him just because of his stature, they spared some time with him just to make him confident that they are there for him. And would have suggested him come out of depression and not feel alone because they are with him irrespective of being sidelined by other Madheshi Mocha leaders.

When asked to a Chandigarh-based psychologist Mrs Kritika Gulati, she says, “When a person finds social supports, the ‘catharsis’ takes places and blocked emotions get released and subsequently person finds relieved of his pain.” She further says that the leader would have got a kind of social support in India which helped him to express his feelings and attain an anxiety free health.

Psychologist Gulati further adds that social support works a buffer and absorbs our pain. “If the situation favors, a person slowly by slowly reaches to a normal course of life,” she maintains. According to her, Mr Mahato would be in stress while he was in Nepal and “received an overwhelming social attachment in New Delhi where Mahato got opportunity to express his anxiety. And, afterwards finding social attachment, he came out of psychological and biological disorders,” adds she.

Earlier, the SP leaders had planted allegations that the KP Oli-led government had hatched conspiracies behind the curtains to assassinate him at the hands of Nepal Police. However, forgetting his own party-line that the incumbent government was there in a mood to assassinate him, he flown to meet the Prime Minister Oli on a call. He should clarify that on which moral ground he wished to meet PM KP Oli ? How come a person makes mood to see who had planned to murder him? Surprisingly, Mahato managed to meet KP Oli and among other leaders without any hassle. Doesn’t prove that his party politics is merely lying on agreed than the Madheshi cause?

When the Medanta Hospital, New Delhi released the detail Sadbhavana Party Chair Rajendra Mahato of his vitamin deficiency, it surprised plain dwellers when it comes to recall the political statements that the self-proclaimed messiah was taken to New Delhi’s most expensive hospital for further check-up followed by the alleged ‘state sponsored attempt to kill him’.

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