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South Asia Region
Why BJP might remain in commanding position for next many decades

By Coomi Kapoor ( 11 November 2021) – Judging by its huge defeat in West Bengal and its 50 per cent strike rate in the recent national by-elections, the BJP’s

Initiate action against those who incited violence using religion, Bangladesh PM tells home minister

PTI (19 October 2021) – Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday instructed her home minister to initiate immediate action against those who incited violence using religion as she asked

Economic diplomacy

Global Times (24 September 2021) – Leaders of the US,

By Dhruva Jaishankar (16 August 2021) – Ever since Independence,

Photo Story
Tibet’s progress a powerful message for Western naysayers
Shakya becomes first woman Chief Minister of Nepal
After Taliban take over Afghanistan, countries urge for protection of human life
Chinese President Xi declares completion of moderately prosperous society
PM Oli encourages practice, promotion of Yoga to stop cultural decadence
Capitol vandals show fragility of US democracy
Nepali territory will be regained at any cost : Prime Minister Oli
Nepal-China announced  : Sagarmath’s (Mount Everest) new height is 8,848.86 metres
Biggest danger to Biden from Trump, not China: Kishore Mahbubani

Global Time (22 June 2021) – Washington today lacks “sophisticated,

Sovereignty Of All Nations Equal: Prime Minister Oli

Upadhyay: What should I call you Prime Minister or caretaker

Nepal government has done well in Covid response – WHO Nepal Representative

After the WHO declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, many

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