China striving in unity will benefit the world more: Global Times editorial

 (23 Oct 2022 ) – The report delivered to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) further pointed out the direction of the cause of the Party and the country. In the report, “striving in unity” emerged as a very important phrase. Striving in unity is the only road the Chinese people can take to make historic achievements under the leadership of the Party. When our country’s development enters a period in which strategic opportunities, risks and challenges coexist, and uncertain and unpredictable factors are increasing, it is especially necessary for us to take “striving in unity” as a source of strength to overcome difficulties.

In today’s world, especially in the political arena of the West, striving in unity has become scarce. In the UK, shortly after Liz Truss announced the end of the shortest tenure ever for a British prime minister, MPs from her Conservative Party began taking sides and betting on who would become the new leader. Some Western media claimed that, plagued by internal divisions, Truss’ successor will face a “long winter of discontent.” In the US, although some media outlets are laughing at the drama their “iron brothers” across the ocean are embroiled in, it’s just a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Surveys show that more than two-thirds of American adults are worried that this year’s midterm elections will further divide the US. In an article titled “The US Is Heading Toward a Second Civil War. Here Is How We Avoid It,” Time magazine said that because of political differences, approximately 20 million Americans are ready to fight in a country with over 400 million guns.

This is a common problem faced by many countries, including developed countries in Europe and the US. Partisan confrontation, social division, and internal political friction, catalyzed by weak economic growth or stagnation, are forming a dead end in a vicious circle. Dangerous extreme populism is also surging. All these have made “striving in unity” a vital form of national competitiveness – as unity is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, it’s also become increasingly valuable. It can be said that different countries face their own challenges, but there is only one thing that all societies need, and that is striving in unity. Without unity, society will be torn apart by internal friction; without striving, no matter how many family assets have been accumulated, they will be dissipated sooner or later.

As the lyric of a song that is well-known to Chinese people goes, “Unity means power.” Since modern times, the Chinese people’s understanding of unity has been very profound. The Chinese phrase “a plate of loose sand” corresponds to a collective memory of humiliation, suffering, turmoil and war suffered by the Chinese nation. It is the CPC that has united and organized the Chinese people to completely bring this nightmarish experience to an end. Because of the CPC, it has been possible for the Chinese nation to achieve the greatest extent and greatest degree of unity, which is also positive energy. “The Party has made spectacular achievements through its great endeavors over the past century,” and this is one of the institutional advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The unity of the Chinese people is the unity that closely revolves around the backbone of the CPC.

Today, striving in unity has been endowed with a new significance of the times. The acceleration of major global changes not seen in a century has brought the world into a new period of turbulent change. One thing deserves our utmost vigilance – external forces, which regard China as a zero-sum competitor or enemy, are looking for cracks in Chinese society and Party organizations with a magnifying glass and trying to take advantage of them. However, as long as China is internally united, no outside force can shake it. External suppression can only make the Chinese people more proud, confident, and assured, as well as the Chinese society more united to defeat all forces that try to provoke us and repel all those that try to sabotage us.

It must be stressed that in contrast to the scattered “unity” which the US has formed through creating an outside “enemy” and enhancing its aggressiveness, the ultimate aim of China’s striving in unity is to focus on doing its own things well. We deeply understand that for a huge and developing country like China, instability, uncertainty and insecurity from the external environment are not decisive. Since reform and opening-up, we have encountered many external risks, but have managed to overcome them by doing our own things well and focusing on domestic affairs. “The great achievements of the new era have come from the collective dedication and hard work of our Party and our people.” This was the case in the past, and so will it be in the future. Meanwhile, doing our own things well contributes to building the community with a shared future for mankind.

Striving in unity is the precise refinement and vivid expression of the strong consensus of the Chinese nation. The Chinese people have never had any illusions that realizing national rejuvenation would come easily, nor have they had any illusions that some external forces would stop provoking China and lend it a helping hand. When we are facing difficulties and challenges, the Chinese people’s spirit of striving in unity will be even higher. Let us “fight one battle after another,” move toward new victories in unity, and strive to achieve new success!

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