UN Secretary-General hopes India lifts blockade on Nepal soon

ban_ki-moon_portraitKATHMANDU, Jan. 27 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed hope that India will lift the economic blockade on Nepal soon.

“The Secretary-General hopes that current positive developments could help normalise passage of supplies at Nepal’s border points and refocus attention to address urgent reconstruction and other needs,” the spokesperson of the UN Secretary General told media persons in New York on Tuesday.

India has yet to lift the trade embargo imposed on Nepal though the Parliament recently made the first amendment on the new Constitution aimed at addressing 11-point demands raised by agitating Madhesi parties. Earlier, India had told Nepali leaders including Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa that they would ease the blockade if the constitution was amended. The blockade imposed by India on Nepal has entered its fourth month following Nepal promulgated a new Constitution.

The Secretary-General has also reiterated his calls for restraint and non-violence from all sides, and a redoubling of efforts at peaceful dialogue and inclusive democratic processes, the spokesperson said.

The UN Secretary-General has also welcomed recent constitutional amendments made by the Nepali Parliament.

“I was also asked about the situation in Nepal, and what I can say is that the Secretary-General welcomes parliamentary action to amend the Constitution as an important step in resolving differences on the constitutional arrangement.  He encourages all parties to exercise maximum flexibility in resolving remaining issues by dialogue,” the spokesperson told media.

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