Asia emerging as global economic leader : PM Oli at Boao Forum

PM 2Your Excellency Mr. Li Keqiang,

Your Excellencies Heads of State and Government,

Mr. Secretary-General,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my distinct pleasure to address the Boao Annual Forum-2016.

The Forum provides a platform for the cross fertilization of ideas.

Ideas for Asia. Ideas of Asia.

I thank the organizer and also the Government of the People’s Republic of China for the kind invitation.

I bring you humble greetings from Nepal; the land where Buddha was born and induced the world to walk upon the path of peace.

I bring you warm wishes from the people of Nepal; people full of hope and potentials.

Asia has been the land of multiple civilizations, all of them equally great and all of them equally rich.

It must continue to be the land of multiple and distinct civilizations, coexisting together in harmony.

Distinguished Participants,

The emergence of Asia as the global economic leader has brought Asia in spotlight of the changing world order of the twenty first century.

To give a powerful boost to the global economy, the world looks today at Asia’s economic dynamism.

The extraordinary performance of the Asian economies suggests the latitude of Asia’s prospects.

The relentless effort of Asia till today suggests the inevitability of Asia’s bright future.

Advancements in innovation and technology have been encouraging, have been opening new avenues for the development.

The momentous developments in information and communication technology; significant achievements in industrial productions bear potentials to vitalize the economic performance of Asia; to galvanize the future of Asia.

And such innovations must serve the cause of human progress. Technology must be accessible to all of the states without any prohibitive constraints.

To construct a prosperous and flourishing future by harnessing the dynamics of Asia; our efforts must build a cooperation model which will equitably distribute the opportunities and benefits.

Our collective vision must create a cooperation model which will enable a free flow of ideas, unimpeded links of trade, and an enduring instance of win-win situation; a cooperation model where the states do not exploit the vulnerabilities of others.

The vision for Asia must be accommodative and inclusive.

Distinguished Participants,

The dream of Asia’s future, the dream of peace and prosperity will be a failed cause if any of the Asian States is left behind.

Make No Mistake, the sustainability of development in Asia will fall apart if the development is not inclusive.

Our pursuit for ‘common destiny’ will go misspent if anyone is left behind. Make No Mistake, the Asian future should rest on the citadel of inclusiveness.

Without any doubt, Asia is emerging as the powerhouse of global economy.

The markets are flourishing, industries are growing, jobs (are) being created and many of the Asians have been lifted out of the poverty.

Yet, the vicious circle of poverty still stares at courtyard of Asia.

Make No Mistake, Ladies and Gentlemen, Peace and Poverty cannot go together.

Growth of Asia must not be narrow in dimension.

Rise of Asia must not be extractive in approach.

Ascent of Asia must not be fragile in structure.

Responsibility lies on us to uphold the vision that the dimension of Asian growth is broad enough; the approach of Asian rise is inclusive enough and the structure of Asian ascent is robust enough.

 Distinguished Participants,

Recently, in our pursuit to embrace the aspirations of Nepalese people, we promulgated a democratic and inclusive constitution through the Constituent Assembly elected by the people of Nepal.

I would like to express sincere appreciation to all the states of Asia for their sincere support to our landmark endeavor.

In conclusion, this is the huge moment for Asia, to seize the opportunities, to unleash the potentials and to march ahead towards new future, with new dynamics and new vision.

This gathering will bring the ideas together, will bring the commitments together, and will inject dynamism as well as novel vision.

I am confident that we will, together, make a headway towards a prosperous future, a shared future of Asia.

Thank You!

(Statement Prime Minister KP Oli at Boao Forum for Asia, 2016 under the theme of “Asia’s New Future: New Dynamics, New Vision” held in Hainan Province of China on March 24, 2016.)


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