A letter to Ban Ki-moon on human rights violation by state agency in Nepal (Full text)

Your Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

Secretary General of the United Nations

New York, USA

Through: Jamie McGoldrick, UN Resident Coordinator in Nepal


Sub: Human Rights Violation by State Agency in Nepal !


Your Excellency,

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our sincere appreciation for the United Nation’s continued engagement and concerns in the implementation of comprehensive peace agreement, constitution-making-process and ongoing mass protests and violence across the country. People of Nepal have been continuously struggling for establishing an equitable society, democratic system of governance and modernization of the country for last 6 decades. Today, Nepal is once again in the brink of conflict due to state’s suppression, bloodshed and gross human rights violation.

Whereas Constituent Assembly should have adopted an unified and consensus approach respecting spirit of popular uprising and movements (Peoples revolution, Madhes uprising and indigenous nationalities movement), Interim Constitution 2007, past agreements and understandings with different alliances, groups and fronts, the ongoing constitution-making-process is being discredited by parties in Government (Nepali Congress and CPN (UML)) with support of UCPN (Maoist). As a result, country is witnessing prolonged nation-wide mass movement over 3 weeks against the unilateral imposition of delineation of federal states and back tracking of past agreements and spirit of the Interim Constitution.

The proposed federal structure is out rightly rejected by marginalized and oppressed communities including women, Tharu, Madhesis, Muslims, Limbu, Kirat, Newah, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Khas and other groups. Until now a dozen of unarmed people have been shot dead by government forces. Peoples have been shot in their head and chest deliberately. Armed forces are entering into common people’s houses, hospitals and are brutally torturing the peoples and killing them. The Government, in contrary, addressing political demands of the dissenting parties, has decided to suppress the movement forcefully by deploying all security apparatus including Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force. The deployment of all security apparatus against mass uprising is against national laws and international norms. The evidence of state atrocities can be publicly seen on national and international media including social media (Face book, YouTube and Twitter). Even the sizeable number of members of parliament of ruling parties and their allies are against this type of brutal oppressions and constitution making process.

Your Excellency,

We, the struggling forces, have put a demand,

    1. To withdraw the army and armed police forces to allow peaceful demonstration to express people’s demand,
    2. To implement and respect spirit of popular uprising and movements, Interim Constitution 2007, past agreements and understandings with different alliance, groups and fronts.
    3. To declare martyrs who were killed in the movement and compensate their families, give treatment to the wounded and give them compensations.
    4. To demarcate federal structure as per already agreed principles in the past reports of 1st parliamentary restructuring committee and high level state restructuring commission reports.

We, therefore, want that international pressure be build up to enforce humanitarian principles as per the provisions of different charters of UNO, the members of UNO who have diplomatic relations with Nepal, should make a conducive atmosphere, the brutal massacre should be opposed and a political pressure should be build up to normalize the situation. This is the crime against humanity. Non-compliance of demands of the dissenting parties by the ruling parties may lead Nepal into civil war like situation which will be beyond the control of present political parties. We are intending to approach international institutions against present government’s inhuman and brutal suppressive attitude towards peaceful demonstrators throughout the country. We again want to reiterate that still time is there to have peaceful negotiation through meaningful dialogue.

Your Excellency,

We sincerely hope your rightful intervention in normalizing the situation and helping in building a new constitution acceptable to major mass of the people of Nepal will be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

With Regards,

Rajendra Prasad Shrestha


7th September 2015


Kathmandu-35, Tinkune. Tel: 014117921  www.federalsocialist.org   email:[email protected]


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