A republican rule is the supreme achievement of democratic revolution – Prime Minister Oli (Full Text of Message on the occasion of the Republic Day

Dear brothers and sisters!

Today is the 12th Republic Day. First of all, on this happy occasion, I would like to extend my best wishes to you all. I would like to pay my sincere respect to all our forebears who dreamed of establishing republic by ending the forcefully imposed monarchical system, a feudal system based on the belief of superiority by birth, to those pioneers who have inspired us by their dream along the path of our revolution. I express my sincere tribute to our revered martyrs who have shown us the light of the Republic by sacrificing their lives. Let me offer my warm felicitations to all justice-loving people who have participated in this long and arduous movement.

This day on which Nepali people became truly sovereign is an important and memorable day in the political history of Nepal. The Republic Day is a  day of great celebration of people’s success and people’s victory. I would again like to congratulate all of you on this day of great celebration.

In course of the evolution of human civilization, social order and states originated from the very early Republics. The origin of Nepali civilization has also its roots in such Republics which were run by the leaders elected through a democratic process and in which every important decision was made on the basis of the people’s will. Therefore, republicanism is an inherently natural system for Nepali society. But in course of time, this system was crumbled. In course of the emergence of feudalism, extremely undemocratic systems were established and evolved. In such a system, rulers claimed their authority on the basis of hereditary superiority, their lineage was accepted as the basis of governance, and their dictates were the laws. By ending such a feudal system, which continued for about 2,000 years, we have linked the chain of history; and we have further refined it.

Any form of unelected regime in Nepal has come to an end. Today, the country is governed on the basis of the Constitution promulgated by the people’s elected representatives. People’s rights, their best interests and aspirations are well reflected in the Constitution. All our means and resources as well as our best endeavors are directed towards realizing those aspirations. With the end of chain of  armed conflicts, lasting peace has been achieved in the country. The painful period of political instability and transition has become a chapter of history now.

These achievements which we have made along with the establishment of Republic are truly glorious and have lasting importance.

But we cannot allow ourselves to be complacent with these achievements.

A republican rule is the supreme achievement of democratic revolution. This historic political transformation can become sustainable only when an advanced  system suitable to the overall dimensions of social life can be developed. In order to strengthen the republican democracy in the country, we have been pushing forward all three dimensions- social justice, good governance and prosperity–with a right balance.

The republican democracy is a system of governance  for the people by the people. It is the rule run by the people at the will of people by putting people at the center. Democracy cannot take its meaningful shape as long as the people cannot become capable enough to exercise the rights stipulated in the Constitution and law.

For this, people’s access to the means of production is necessary.  For this, just distribution of production and just governance is imperative. For this, people’s access to such fundamental needs as education and health is essential. It is important to make arrangements for employment of those who can work, and to have a wider scheme for social security for those who cannot work. For this, it should be ensured that there will be equal treatment to all in terms of rights, opportunity, security and dignity.

All our efforts are centered to connect democracy with the life of people through these works. We have termed  it a ‘comprehensive democracy’.

  • Democracy is not only a system of governance; it is also a new civilization, culture and social way of life.
  • Democracy is a system with prosperity based on social justice and equality; therefore any discrimination against women, Dalits and the backward communities is unacceptable and intolerable in it.
  • Democracy is a system based on social justice and non-discrimination. Therefore, unfair treatment and untouchability on the ground of caste, class or religion cannot be acceptable in it.
  • Democracy is a system of advanced democratic culture. Healthy debate among various thoughts, decent discussion among various value systems and unhindered expression of differences are guaranteed in it. But hate, acrimony and division cannot be acceptable.
  • Democracy is and should be an advanced and refined system than any other system of the past, not only in terms of governance but also in terms of conduct and behaviour.
  • There is freedom of expression of one’s thoughts in democracy; but the use of violence and terror for fulfilling one’s ideology and interest cannot be acceptable. Judicious balance between rights and responsibility makes democracy successful and meaningful.

The Government’s efforts are centered to make democracy comprehensive in all respects.

Twelve years is not a long period in itself.  In the period of twelve years of the establishment of republic, considerable amount of time was devoted to  concluding the peace process, promulgating the new Constitution and ending the transitional period. The country has made important achievements even during this period preoccupied in the institutionalization of the republic. The level of awareness among people has made significant strides. The dream of development and prosperity, that faded into oblivion for years, are taking a concrete shape. The self-confidence in the ability to build the nation by ourselves has boosted in an unprecedented way. The national unity has been strengthened. The nation’s sovereign exercise in respect of independent  decision-making and adoption of the development path of its own choice has taken a new height. The country’s image in the international forum, as a sovereign, independent, democratic, peace-loving and a country embarking on a new journey of development, has been shining.

With the end of the protracted transition, Nepal has also made remarkable achievements in the economic sector. That we are heading towards the right path is evident from an average growth rate of seven percent recorded in previous years, continued reduction in the percentage of absolute poverty, and notable improvements in the global indicators of good governance, peace and business climate. The indicators prior to the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic were very encouraging.

For public service and development works, we are moving ahead by maintaining coordination among all three levels of the federal structure.

We are convinced, by the achievements made within a short span of time after the establishment of republican setup, that we will soon be able to revitalize with new energies the sluggish and fractured development path, neglected aspirations for prosperity, and weakened national self-esteem, all because of the previous undemocratic regimes. We are confident that we will be able to give Nepal a distinct identity of a developed nation in the world arena through the system of democratic republic.

It takes certain amount of time for any system of governance to institutionalize, strengthen and deliver results. Weaknesses may be seen in the course of the development of system. However, any regressive attempt to question the republic and resort to the outdated system is  certainly illconceived  from any angle. Now, no one will be able to reverse the course of history.

We have been heading to perfection from imperfection; and to maturity from novelty.


Brothers and sisters,

Today, the entire humanity is engaged in the difficult fight against the pandemic of corona virus. The biggest challenge being faced by our generation has affected not only our priorities but also our work culture and lifestyle. We, Nepalis, are also concentrated on the difficult struggle against the corona pandemic. I extend to you all, on the occasion of the Republic Day, my best wishes to stay safe, and for an early recovery and return to normal life for those who have been infected. I wish to state, based on my enduring and painful struggle in pursuit of the republic, that we will be able to overcome this challenge, too. As the saying goes, morning is inevitable no matter how long the night might be.

At this moment, it is critical for the entire nation and all of us, brothers and sisters, to unite and fight against the corona virus. And, it is critical to advance the concerted efforts towards institutionalizing the republican democracy in real sense.  I sincerely call upon and request everyone to this end.


Thank you.

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