Bangladesh begins dispatching 10,000 MT rice to Nepal

KATHMANDU, June 27 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–Bangladesh has started sending 10,000 MT rice as humanitarian assistance for the earthquake-hit people in Nepal.

The entire cost of sending the rice, including transportation by trucks from Bangladesh via Banglabandha (Bangladesh) to the warehouses of Food Corporation of Nepal is being borne by the Government of Bangladesh under a bilateral humanitarian bilateral assistance programme, Embassy of Bangladesh said in a press statement on Monday.

This is the second consignment of rice being sent as humanitarian assistance by the government of Bangladesh.

Earlier, 10,000 MT rice had been sent from Bangladesh immediately after the earthquake in April 2015 in addition to other assistance, including sending of an Army Medical Team, provided by the Government of Bangladesh. Bangladesh and Nepal share excellent bilateral relations based on cultural, historical, religious and linguistic linkages.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took a personal initiative to send humanitarian assistance to the distressed friends in Nepal as part of her deep commitment to strengthen relations with neighbors in the region with a  view to working together towards achieving a shared vision of prosperity and socio-economic development of the people, the embassy stated.

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