Biden says most of world leaders told him not to ‘let Trump win’ 2024 Presidential elections

NEW YORK – Making a forceful case for his re-election, US President Joe Biden has claimed that during his meetings with world leaders, inclu

ding at the G20 summit in India, almost every one of them told him not to let his predecessor Donald Trump win in 2024 as they feel it would put their democracies in danger.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton also joined Biden on Thursday night in New York at the most lucrative fundraiser of the 2024 campaign, warning fellow Democrats that Trump, a Republican, must be defeated.

“Trump says if he loses again — again in November, there will be a “bloodbath.” What the hell is with this guy? No, I’m — I’m not — no, I’m really serious. It concerns me the most,” Biden said.

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