Border issues will be resolved through talks and diplomatic efforts, Minister Aryal

RSS (KATHMANDU, 8 June 2020) – Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padhma Kumari Aryal has said some territories of Nepal would be reclaimed through bilateral talks and diplomatic efforts with India.

In her response to queries raised in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year about the Ministry in a meeting of the House of Representatives today, the Minister said a joint task force comprising technical workforce of both countries was working to resolve border issues. ”A clear boundary archive is significant to keep the nation’s sovereignty and integrity intact, so it is necessary for the country to issue its clear map and bring it into use,” she asserted. The publication of the country’s update political and administrative map has already taken place. The map integrates some territories like Gunji, Nabhi and Kuti which were missed in the existing map.

The revised map depicts Limpidyadhura, the place of origin of the Kali River, according to the minister. On a different note, the Minister promised to ensure access of landless, squatters, Dalits, freed Kamaiyas, land tillers, bonded workers and Kamrali and marginalised communities to land resources and settle the unsystematic housing issue. According to her, productivity and economic growth will be pursued through the proper utilisation of land and no land will be let to remain useless and barren.

The Minister went on to say that the government had the plans for systematising record keeping of government, public and guthi land, preventing encroachment upon such land and ensuring their proper use. She briefed the House that in past, the survey and measurement of Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) was done by other countries on their own and for the first time in history Nepal had conducted its field survey through international resources, knowledge and skills. She said a poor household survey had been done in 26 districts and now distribution of identity cards to those families identified as poor was taking place while the survey neared the final phase in 23 districts and the survey had been prepared for 28 districts in the upcoming fiscal year

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