Boundary issues can be addressed in the spirit of friendly relations – Indian embassy spokesperson

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 15 January 2022) – Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has clarified that it has already communicated India’s official position on outstanding boundary issue between Nepal and India.

Responding the media queries regarding recent reports and statements in Nepal on the question of India-Nepal boundary, the spokesperson of the Embassy has clarified this issuing a statement on Saturday. 

”The Government of India’s position on the India-Nepal boundary is well known, consistent and unambiguous. It has been communicated to the Government of Nepal” said, the statement. The spokesperson has also that  inter-governmental mechanisms and channels are mist appropriate for the communication and dialogue on such issues. ”It is our view that the established inter-governmental mechanisms and channels are most appropriate for communication and dialogue. Mutually agreed boundary issues that are outstanding can always be addressed in the spirit of our close and friendly bilateral relations” the spokesperson said. 


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