Cambodian PM visits Patan Durbar area

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 30 November 2018) – Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen has visited the Patan Durbar area, a UNESCO world heritage site, today.

The Cambodian Prime Minister is currently in Kathmandu in connection with taking part in the Asia Pacific Summit that is convening here on Saturday.

Together with PM Hun Sen nearly 60 members of the delegation accompanying him observed the Patan Durbar area, the Lalitpur Metropolitan City stated.

The Cambodian Prime Minister and his delegation that reached Mangal Bazar of Patan in the morning observed the various cultural and historical monuments at the Patan Durbar area for nearly an hour. He also performed puja at the Hiranyavarna Mahavihara on the occasion.

Lalitpur mayor Chiribabu Maharjan, deputy mayor Geeta Satyal, and officials of various wards of the metropolis welcomed the Cambodian Prime Minister.

Mayor Maharjan has expressed that the Cambodian Prime Minister’s visit to Patan Durbar area would help in publicity of the heritage site. “The distinguished guest who came here has learnt something about the local heritages and he will share that to others,” mayor Maharjan said.

According to him, the Cambodian Prime Minister took keen interest in the heritages of the locality.


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