Case Of Public Offence To Be Lodged Against Chinese Arrestees

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 24 December 2019) – Majority of the Chinese citizens arrested on Monday were found to be involved in cybercrime. Nepal Police (NP) has given a wider approach to their preliminary investigation, as the Chinese government has been helping them in investigation.

NP, on Monday morning had arrested 122 Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in illegal activities from Budhanilkantha, Manamaiju, New Buspark and Bansbari. This was the biggest ever crackdown against foreign nationals in Kathmandu.

After the police got to know about Chinese nationals residing in groups in various places of the capital city, police had raided houses, apartments and hotels in couple of places.

NP has confiscated over 500 laptops, mobiles and electronic devices from the Chinese nationals. “Investigation is going on the basis of the confiscated devices,” said Sahakul Thapa, Senior Superintendent of Police.

“Each and every arrested person was found to be equipped with laptop, this is questionable,” he added. “Most of their visas have expired already.”

Thapa said that the arrested Chinese officials were previously involved in cybercrime in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Malaysia.

Thapa said that NP had been verifying their criminal conducts.

Case of public offence will be lodged against the Chinese arrestees, said Thapa.

7-days’ time will be added for further investigation, he added.

Cybercrime instigated by Chinese nationals, of late, has been increasing in South-east Asian countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Malaysia.  

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