Chairman Oli : we won’t accept foreign interference

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 7 Nov  2017) – CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli has said that the left alliance would not accept the foreign  interference in the domestic affairs of Nepal. He urged both the neighbours India and China to respect Nepal’s independences, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

While unveiling the manifesto of left alliance amid a programme in the Capital on Tuesday, Oli said he want tension free relations with neighbours and other power nations. ”We  do not want tension with our neighbours. We are in favour of correcting relations if they have been  worsened.  We won’t let the relations further worsened” he said.

In the unveiling program Chairman Oli was focused on international relations majorly India and China.  He said the left alliance will conduct their relations through the policy of non-interference saying the foreign interference in any pretension would not be accepted.

” India and China are big nations,  we should maintain good relations with them.  There are some elements which have been trying to create tension with India and China for their petty and vested interest but the relations won’t become worse.  We won’t let them to  prevail” said Oli.

At one point, he questioned Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba on the latter’s role on SAARC.  ”As a chair of SAARC  Nepal should have played a role to activate the SAARC forum but the government could not understand its role” he said.

In 48-page long manifesto, the left alliance has mentioned about foreign relations under the title ”Independent and Balanced International Relations” in page no. 43.  The  manifesto has ensured nationality, democracy, national unity, peace, stability and development.

“This is not only the election manifesto, it is the commitment for the country’s development,” he said, adding, “We are committed to poverty alleviation, job opportunity, clean environment and long-term development.”

Saying that democracy is not the gift brought by anyone, the former prime minister said, “We achieved democracy by sacrificing the lives of our generation. We will not put democracy achieved through struggle at peril.”

Moreover, he said that national unity is the need of the hour and that they have floated their goals, policy, commitment and ideology in the manifesto.


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