Chaiti Chhath concludes offering ‘argha’ to rising sun

MAHOTTARI -The Baasanti (Chaite) Chhath festival concluded in Mithila region this morning by offering ‘argha’ to the rising sun.

The devotees on fast since the completion of ‘Kharna’ ritual on Saturday night concluded this year’s Chaiti Chhath festival by offering argha to the rising sun in the morning. Paran (closing) is performed on the Baasanti Chhath with the devotees on fast offering argha to the sunrise this morning.

Chhath festival, which is celebrated twice a year in autumn and spring season, has now concluded this year (2080). Standing in the water bodies like pond, river and well, the devotees offered water to the setting sun on Sunday evening and the rising sun on Monday morning. Chaite Chhath is celebrated for four days wishing for peace, prosperity and longevity of their family members.

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