China commits to support Nepal for development of women’s cause

KATHMANDU, March 9 (Xinhua) — Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Yu Hong on Thursday said that the Chinese government attaches great importance to upholding women’s rights and interests, keeping gender equity in center.

The ambassador made such remarks while addressing the reception organized by Chinese Embassy in Nepal on the occasion of International Women’s Day. She claimed that development of China-Nepal relations cannot be achieved without the support from women of both countries.

“We look forward to make concerted efforts with women and representatives of all walks of life in Nepal to promote the development of women’s cause around the world and to promote economic and social development of our two countries”, Yu said.

Appreciating the role of women in social and economic progress of the country, Chinese Ambassador appreciated the participation of women in the key posts of Nepal.

Hong said, “Women have occupied important positions in Nepal including the Head of the State, Chief Justice and Speaker of Parliament. This is not only the pride of women in Nepal. It is the pride of women around the world.”

Yu claimed that Chinese government is committed to women’s development worldwide, saying as part of building 100 health projects in various countries, China has been assisting Nepal in health projects for women and children.

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