China issues white paper on nuclear safety

Xinhua (BEIJING, 3 September 2019 ) – China on Tuesday issued a white paper to introduce its approach to nuclear safety.

Titled “Nuclear Safety in China,” the white paper was released by the State Council Information Office to elaborate on China’s basic principles and policies in the field, share the concepts and practices of regulation, and clarify its determination to promote global nuclear safety governance and the actions it has taken to achieve this, according to the document.

Over the past 70 years, China’s nuclear industry has grown from scratch, developed steadily and formed a complete system, which has made an important contribution to ensuring energy security, protecting the environment, improving people’s living standards and promoting high-quality economic development, said the white paper.

“China has always regarded nuclear safety as an important national responsibility, and integrated it into the entire process of nuclear energy development and utilization,” it said.

China’s nuclear industry has always developed in line with the latest safety standards and maintained a good safety record, pursuing an innovation-driven path of nuclear safety with Chinese characteristics.

As an important advocate, promoter and participant in building a fair, collaborative and mutually beneficial international nuclear safety system, China has done a good job in ensuring its own nuclear safety, fulfilled its international obligations, and promoted bilateral and multilateral cooperation on nuclear safety, said the white paper.

China has actively promoted the peaceful use of nuclear energy for the benefit of all humanity and contributed its wisdom and strength to global nuclear safety governance, it added.

The main body of the white paper was divided into six sections: following a rational, coordinated and balanced nuclear safety strategy, building a policy and legal framework on nuclear safety, ensuring effective regulation of nuclear safety, maintaining high-level safety, co-building and sharing nuclear safety and building a community of shared future for nuclear safety.

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