China must open up despite external risks

Global Times (20 September 2018) – China’s opening-up is facing a new test as American elites and some Western forces are showing more hostility against China. Now the US views China, the world’s second largest economy, as a strategic competitor and stirs vigilance among other Western conservative forces against China. Profound changes have been emerging in China’s strategic environment.

Dissatisfaction among the US elites toward China’s rise is believed to be the main reason behind the US President Donald Trump administration’s trade war against China. It was unimaginable a few years ago that a China-US trade war could be so huge. There are also more political and ideological conflicts between some Western countries and China.

China must counter the US trade war with equal measures and safeguard its interests in conflicts with the West. But China won’t waver in further opening up the country. It is a realistic tactic when the country is facing an increasingly complex situation.

China needs to hit back at external provocations, but manage well the impacts these conflicts may exert on the country. The government should handle those conflicts at a specific level, not allow them to escalate too easily into strategic confrontation.

Opening-up is China’s fundamental policy which profoundly influences China’s philosophy and politics. Opening up boosts China’s motivation in development, but also increases China’s external risks while maintaining domestic order. China has achieved a positive balance, but will the situation change today?

Globalization and the internet have promoted Chinese society’s pluralism and people’s thoughts are more active while external hostility is increasing. However, China’s resources in maintaining independence and solidarity are abundant as never before. China is more capable of achieving a positive balance between dynamics and the risks of opening up.

Consequently, the whole of Chinese society should be more confident and it shouldn’t panic when there are stronger external shocks. China’s rise is destined not to be smooth. The stronger China is, the more external hindrances it will face. But as long as China’s national strength is increasing, China has the initiative to control the risks.

With objective judgment of the current situation, China has more courage to face all kinds of impacts. China will also increase its strength by opening up wider to the world and maintain its positive attitude in the context of an increasingly complicated world.

China needs to create more motivation in development and social vitality. It needs to activate the economy, improve welfare and ensure that people enjoy their rights such as personal safety and liberty. These are the basis of China’s long-term stability and also our internal strength for the grand game with external forces.

China is a complicated society and so is its interaction with the outside world. It’s a long-term task to enhance national solidarity. The road to solidarity will reflect the times and China still needs to accumulate experiences. But as long as all of China’s policies aim at serving the people, the country’s solidarity won’t go wrong.

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