China ready to coordinate development strategies with Arab states

BEIJING, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) — China is willing to coordinate development strategies with Arab states and put into play each other’s advantages and potentials, according to the first China’s Arab Policy Paper issued on Wednesday.

China is willing to have pragmatic cooperation in the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results with Arab states, the paper said.

According to the paper, Arab countries as a whole have become China’s biggest supplier of crude oil and the 7th biggest trading partner. China’s proposed initiatives of jointly building the “Silk Road Economic Belt” and the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, establishing a “1+2+3” cooperation pattern and industrial capacity cooperation, are well received by Arab countries.

The “1+2+3” cooperation pattern refers to taking energy cooperation as the core, infrastructure construction and trade and investment facilitation as the two wings, and three high and new tech fields of nuclear energy, space satellite and new energy as the three breakthroughs.

In the process of jointly pursuing the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road initiative, China is willing to coordinate development strategies with Arab states and put into play each other’s advantages and potentials, promote international production capacity cooperation and enhance cooperation in the fields of infrastructure construction, trade and investment facilitation, nuclear power, space satellite, new energy, agriculture and finance, so as to achieve common progress and development and benefit our two peoples, the paper said.

The paper said China is willing to cooperate with Arab states to promote the new type of cooperation mechanism featuring openness and reciprocality, mutual benefit and win-win results.

“We encourage and support the expansion and optimization of mutual investment by enterprises from the two sides,” the paper said, adding that China is ready to continue to provide foreign-aid loan on favorable terms to Arab countries, as well as export credits and overseas investment insurance.

“We will strengthen exchanges and consultations between Chinese and Arab trade authorities, complete China-GCC FTA negotiations and sign a free trade agreement at an early date,” the paper said.

“We will jointly build the China-Arab clear energy training center and develop all-round cooperation in related areas,” the paper said.

According to the priority areas of development and needs of Arab countries, we will be actively engaged in cooperation on major projects in Arab countries to constantly improve Arab countries’ infrastructure, the paper said.

China will further develop space cooperation with Arab countries, actively explore joint projects in such fields as space technology, satellites and their application, space education and training, accelerate the applying of the Beidou Navigation Satellite system in Arab countries, and promote exchanges and cooperation on manned spaceflight, so as to enhance the level of cooperation in this field, the paper said.

“We will be actively engaged in cooperation covering the whole nuclear industrial chain,” the paper said, adding that the two sides will promote cooperation in basic scientific research, nuclear fuels, research reactors, application of nuclear technologies, nuclear security, disposal of radioactive wastes, emergency responses and nuclear safety.

“We support the establishment of branches in each other’ s countries by qualified financial institutions from both sides, and multi-sector operation cooperation, as well as strengthened exchanges and cooperation between regulators,” the paper said, noting that China welcomes the Arab countries to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and their active role in it.

We will give full play to the role of the inter-governmental economic and trade joint commissions and promote the exchange of visits and communication between governments and enterprises of the two sides, said the paper.

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