China’s aid efforts in quake-hit Nepal important diplomatic practice of building community of common destiny among neighbors: ambassador

Wu Chuntai, Chinese ambassador to Nepal, said that China’s aid efforts in quake-hit Nepal is an important diplomatic practice of building a community of common destiny among neighboring countries.



In an interview with Xinhua on Friday, the Chinese ambassador said”Nepal and China are friendly neighbors who have consistently supported and helped each other, thus setting a good example for equal relations between countries.”



A 7.9-magnitude earthquake rattled Nepal on April 25, killing about 8,000 people and injuring some 14,000 others. The quake also leveled many buildings and houses in the country, resulting in property damage worth billions of U.S. dollars



China made quick response after the powerful quake in Nepal by sending rescue, medical teams and aid materials to the country.



Ambassador Wu said China has so far provided 546 tons of aid supplies valued about 10 million U.S. dollars to Nepal, including 1,600 tents, 10,000 blankets and 327 power generators. In addition, the Chinese Red Cross also sent 2,000 tents to Nepal.



China dispatched five rescue, medical and epidemic prevention teams to the quake-hit country, he said.

At the request of the Nepali government, China also sent a road repairing and rescue detachment from the armed police forces to Nepal to help restore the damaged highway connecting the two neighboring countries, facilitating the delivery of urgently needed aid materials.



On May 8, China and Nepal jointly announced that the 114-km Araniko Highway, which links with China National Highway 318 to Lhasa, was reopened and it is the liefline for Nepali locals who are waiting for aid to overcome their hard days.



Meanwhile, the ambassador said Chinese epidemic prevention squads have been in a hard bid to assess the epidemic risks in the quake-affected areas in Nepal. They will present a report on epidemic risks to the Nepal’s health authorities.



The Chinese aid teams respect sovereignty, traditions and customs of Nepal and cooperated and coordinated well with their Nepali counterparts in their relief efforts, demonstrating that they are highly disciplined and well-trained.



It is beyond Nepal’s capability to deal alone with the aftermath from such a devastating quake and the Chinese government and people responded immediately by lending a help hand to support the country in overcoming the hard time and the post-quake reconstruction, showing that China and neighboring countries unite as one, helping each other and sharing weal and woe, the Chinese ambassador added.

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