Chinese Assistant Minister Dou Enyong promises to support in Nepal’s rebuilding (Remarks)

First, I would like to thank friends from the Nepali press for your hard work. On behalf of the Communist Party of China (CPC), I would also like to extend deep condolences to the victims of the massive earthquake and sincere sympathy to the next of kin of the victims and the wounded. I believe that with the joint efforts of international community and all sectors of Nepal, Nepal will tide over difficulties and rebuild its homeland as soon as possible.

China and Nepal are friendly neighbors, which are closely linked and interdependent. Sixty years since its establishment, bilateral relationship between China and Nepal has been developing in a sound and steady manner on the basis of mutual respect, mutual support and equality. Not long ago, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake, to which the international community extended a helping hand by providing large amount of financial and material assistance.

In the international conference for Nepal’s reconstruction, countries including China and India pledged large amount of relief fund to help with the country’s rebuilding. China announced a package plan totaling 4.7 billion RMB, an unprecedented amount in the history of China’s foreign assistance, which shows the sincere feeling of the Chinese people towards the Nepali people. The Chinese side will help Nepal rebuild homeland in soonest manner through negotiation with Nepali side according to the aspiration and practical need of the country.

In recent years, we have seen the rapid development of the relationship between the CPC and political parties of Nepal. Profound friendship has been fostered between us, from leadership to cadres at all levels, political mutual trust has been strengthened, and fruitful results have been achieved from practical cooperation, all of which have build up momentum of development of bilateral relations between China and Nepal.

I lead a CPC friendly delegation to Nepal this time, with an aim of deepening party-to-party relations, promoting cooperation projects together with political parties of Nepal, and improving people’s livelihood in the aftermath of the earthquake, so that the fruitful results of party-to-party exchanges can bring benefit to the Nepali people. To this end, I will meet with leaders of major political parties of Nepal, to promote good and concrete results out of cooperation projects.

Let’s work hand in hand and shoulder by shoulder for the quick reconstruction of Nepal. May Nepal recover from the haze of earthquake as soon as possible and stride towards a prosperous future.

(Dou spoke to Nepali media after he landed in Kathmandu on Aug. 23, 2015)





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