Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Nepal’s rebuilding (Statement)

Wang arrives

Mr. Prime Minister

Ladies and Gentle


Good Morning. First of all, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, I would like to extend our sympathies to Nepal for suffering from massive earthquake. Our thoughts are with the families who have lost their loves one in the earthquake.


Today is a special and important day. We have come from different parts of the world to gather in Kathmandu. We are here for one and the same purpose. That is, to help Nepal’s reconstruction so that this beautiful country could stand up again.


China and Nepal are connected by the same mountains. We have always been good neighbors, good friends and good partners. The earthquake that shocked Nepal also caused heavy losses on China’s Tibet. While helping our own people cope with the disaster, China was quick to provide emergency assistance to Nepal. We sent in nearly one thousand professional, and some 1,300 tons of emergency supplies. Our engineering workers risked their lives to restore traffic on the Araniko road. This road has long been a symbol of China-Nepal friendship. It is now become a road for rescue and a road for life.


As I recall, when president Xi Jinping met with President Yadav in March during the Bo’ao Forum, President Xi said that the friendship between China and Nepal was a close as lips and teeth. This earthquake did show our two peoples how close we are and how our destinies are bound together. The earthquake brought damages, but it also brought our hearts together.


I also remember my, last visit to Nepal six months ago. I was impressed by your dedication to developing the country and graduating from the least developed countries by 2022. During that visit, we agreed to set up result-oriented cooperation in nine major areas, including trade, investment and agriculture. The initiatives showed China’s commitment to helping Nepal’s development through mutually beneficial cooperation. Today, we may add a tenth and most pressing are to China- Nepal cooperation. That is, to help Nepal’s post-quake reconstruction at our best. Here, I wish to announce a package proposal on behalf of the Chinese government.


First, between 2016 and 2018, China will give Nepal 3 billion RMB Yuan of grant assistance. Last year and this year we offer 1.7 billion RMB of grant of Nepal. Altogether 4.7 billion RMB will be put into five major areas, namely, infrastructure, livelihood for people living in mountains, cultural relic renovation, disaster preparedness, and health. The money may also be used in other areas to be agreed by the two sides. Within the total amount, we will first provide 10 million US dollars in cash to help settle local residents.


Second, China will explore further financial help to Nepal through interest-free loans, concessional loans or the Silk Road Fun to help with reconstruction.


Third, Chinese assistance will be aimed to promote Nepal’s economic and social transformation. We will help Nepal improve industrial layout to achieve sustainable development.


Fourth, China will encourage its companies and civil societies to actively involve in Nepal’s reconstruction.


Fifth, in the coming five years, China will offer Nepal 1,500 training opportunities with a focus on disaster relief. This year, China will invite 100 young Nepalese from quake-hit areas to visit China.


Sixth, China’s Tibet, Yunnan and Sichuan province will have deeper cooperation with Nepal in post-quake reconstruction and experience sharing.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Nepal’s reconstruction will be a long and massive task. Its success calls for joint efforts of Nepal and the international community. As Nepal’s friendly neighbor, china stands ready to do whatever we can. We believe the reconstruction should be led by Nepal and Nepal’s own will should be fully respected. We will further coordinate and collaborate with other international partners. I ‘m confident that the earthquake will not hold back Nepal’s development, nor will it weaken its people’s dream for progress and prosperity. The people of china will stand with the people of Nepal in this entire process. I am confident that with the help of International community, Nepal will once again embark on national revival and development.


I wish Nepal all the best and an even brighter future.


Thank you very much.

Photo Courtesy: Xinhua News Agency

(Remarks by Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China

At the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction

Kathmandu, 25 June 2015)

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