Chinese Vice Premier’s ”meaningful” visit to Kathmandu before Deuba’s  India sojourn.

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 2 August 2017) – Vice Premier of China Wang Yang’s visit to Nepal before Prime Minister Sher Badadur Deuba’s official visit to India  has been viewed as ”meaningful”.

Vice Premier Yang, who is also a senior leader of Communist Party of China (CPC), is arriving on a four-day official visit to Nepal on 14 August 2017. Prime Minister Deuba will be visiting India on 23 August as his first abroad visit after assuming the premiership. The date of the visit has not been officially declared.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had congratulated and invited Prime Minister Deuba for the official visit of India immediately after he was elected Prime Minister. In fact, Deuba’s elevation as Prime Minister was a part of larger ”game” designed by Indian establishment to produce loyal agent in periphery.

After the ouster of KP Sharma Oli led government, which had been boosting the Nepal’s image of being independent and sovereign, NC and Maoist centre had decided to oust him as per the India’s directives.

India had been expressing its discontent against Oli since the promulgation of the constitution. Oli was the one who had strived for the timely promulgation of the constitution despite India’s continued pressure.

According to the sources at the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Chinese DPM visit to Nepal in such a crucial time will have significant meaning. At a time when the tensions has risen between India and China on the Doklam issue, the rush of Beijing’s senior official to Kathmandu will surely convey its message to Prime Minister Deuba.

Chinese Vice Premier will brief Prime Minister Deuba on the disputed Doklam of being the Chinese territory and India’s intervention in any disguise would not be tolerated. He will caution Deuba not to take any side since Doklam has been the issue between Bhutan and China and India’s stake a claim would be completely futile.

”Wang’s visit to Nepal before Deuba’s India visit demonstrates the willingness of the Chinese side to engage with the new government in Nepal” a news report in The Kathmandu post has mentioned.

Note should be taken to Deputy Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara’s supposed China visit before Prime Minister Deuba embarks for India. Chinese DPM visit to Kathmandu before Mahara’s supposed visit to China has brought strong message to Nepali government. It seems that Mahara will visit Beijing only after the PM returns from New Delhi.

Following the signing of the framework agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative with China, the visit will be focused on implementation of the understanding reached between Kathmandu and Beijing, expediting China-funded projects in Nepal and discussion on possible high-level visits from both sides.

Wang had visited Nepal in March last year and met with a number of top Nepali officials in China including the late Sushil Koirala, former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun. Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the Chinese have requested meetings with Prime Minister Deuba, main opposition leader KP Sharma Oli and former PM Dahal, among others.

The Chinese leader will also seek the Deuba’s endorsement to expedite the implementation of the agreements since Deuba’s interaction to the Chinese leadership has been a very low. China had openly invited Deuba in the China visit but Deuba had expressed his reluctance due to India’s threat.

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