Commentary : 2017 Nepal election : An endorsement of Oli leadership    

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 27 December 2017) – Nepal has entered into a phase of economic revolution after completing the political revolution. The major political parties of Nepal have internalized that the foremost priority now should be economic development and prosperity.

As you analyze the results of recently held federal and provincial parliament, you find the peoples’ aspiration for economic development and prosperity.

Things are simple :

KP Sharma Oli’s nine-month long premiership has been endorsed by the people giving explicit majority to leftist alliance led by him.  Oli led CPN-UML received the first position with limiting Nepali Congress in distance second and the Maoist Centre in third.

Oli’s nine-month administration restored the dead dreams and desires of Nepali people. Oli became aspirator, showed way and sketched a roadmap for new Nepal.

Oli did some historic departure.

First – he called Nepal ”land-linked” nation breaking the status quo’s definition of land-locked and India-locked.

Second – he propounded a principle of ”sovereign equality” as his neighborhood policy. In his state visit to India, Oli said Nepal-India relations should be based on sovereign equality. He also said that Nepal-India relation is relations of ”sovereign fraternity”.

Third – he diversified Nepal’s trade and transit by signing historic agreement with China. For the first time in Nepal’s modern history, Oli opened-up Nepal’s trade with China. Nepal now can have the transit right from China too.

Fourth – Oli signed historic agreement with India too. Oli didn’t compromise in the political agenda that was about the amendment of the constitution but he signed  an agreement using Vishakhapatnam port for transit to Nepal.

Fifth – Oli dreamt, he planned, he exploited the resources. He saw Chinese rail linking to Nepal reaching Lumbini via Kathmandu and Pokhara. It’s been surveyed. The Chinese team has given report that railway can be built up.

Oli had also announced the East-West railway together with North-South railway. The railway track has been identified in some districts.

In nutshell, the first election under the new constitution has provided an opportunity for the stable government in Nepal. Political stability is at the top.

Left alliance got majority under the leadership of KP Oli. Oli was projected as Prime Minister. He passed the trial, he won the peoples’ mandate.

People say – Oli should continue his incomplete task – the task of making Nepal – a New Nepal.













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