Commentary : Don’t bully Nepal


By Subodh Pyakurel (KATHMANDU, 9 January 2017) – It’s very difficult to understand why Modi’s foreign policy doesn’t realize the only one spiritual friend Nepal is at the cross road towards hatred against Indian establishment. All conspiracies against Nepal’s development by succeeding Indian governments is now being exposed one after another. Be it about southern highway called Hulaki Highway, restriction on air roots contravening Nepal’s right to transit through air space or naked interest to grab fast track. At least Indian diplomat Mr Rae shouldn’t deal in such nomadic manner. Madhesi Morcha goes to Indian Embassy before every round of political dialogue. One MP from Nepali congress openly announces that he is pro- India.

Modi is quite incapable personality, what a shame so badly exposed. First amendment was welcomed in early 2016. Now another amendment is proposed at the behest of Indian pressure, nastily but openly which is declared unacceptable by Madhesi Morcha stalwart Upendra Yadav.
What next, poor Indian diplomacy already gaining discredit in all neighbors; Bangladesh, Srilanka not to talk about Pakistan and China. Neither Bhutan population respects Indian interference.
India shall have to invite Chinese technology, outsourcing of products and search short route to reduce balance of trade gap with China.

Nepal is the only possible short route to Chinese market. Nathula is hoax. Chinese railway will encircle east Asia to Europe touching Indian borders. Russia is advancing massive partnership with China. And American market and finance cannot survive without Chinese access. China is a truth. Better accept. And don’t bully Nepal, it’s your gateway to China.



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