COVID-19 cases detected among India-returnees in Sudurpaschim Province

KATHMANDU – The cases of COVID-19 have again emerged in the Sudurpaschim Province.

The infection rate was nil until sometime ago and the last week, but eight cases have been detected in this week. Ganesh Saud, an Auxiliary Health Worker stationed at the Health Desk in Gauriphanta along the Nepal-India border said that symptoms were observed in India-returnees.

Through antigen tests, eight cases have been identified lately. Four samples of the infected have been already sent to Kathmandu through the province-based lab to find out the disease variant. Those showing symptoms of COVID-19 at the border have been advised to observe home- isolation and those having severe symptoms are being advised to visit hospitals.

According to Saud, the World Health Organisation recently warned against the detection of a new variant of the disease. According to the provincial Health Emergency Operation Centre, Health Directorate, three COVID-19 cases have been traced in the past three days among the people returned to Nepal from Gauriphanta and Gaddachauki check points in the province.

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