Dialogue, common efforts are needed among parties when nation is in difficulty: Chair Oli

By Prakash Silwal, Kathmandu, July 3: CPN (UML) Chair and former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the big political parties have to ease the situation for the nation through dialogue and common efforts when the nation is in difficulty.     

In an interview he gave to RSS recently, the UML Chair said, “We are of the belief that democracy should be based on healthy competition. We together drafted the Constitution and should move ahead together. The required outlet can be provided to the nation by moving forward hand-in-hand.”     

Asked about his thoughts on big parties including the Nepali Congress and the UML together leading the country in resolving the specific problems facing the nation, he recalled that the UML itself had proposed to the Congress to work together at the time of the Constitution promulgation, making it clear that they have never lagged behind when the Congress has come forward for dialogue.     

Stating that the UML does not step back from the journey of dialogue and consensus on national issues, but rather takes the lead, the former PM stated, “In such situations, the UML had taken the lead and paved the way in a democratic manner in the past as well and it will not backtrack from it even now if required.”     

He said it should not be forgotten that after the devastating earthquake (in 2015) the UML had played a constructive role with the commitment to work together with the CPN (Maoist Centre) on reconstruction and constitution-making, although it was the opposition party at that time.     

“We have a history of working for the country and the people also in the past. All should come together when necessary. The UML, Congress and Maoist Centre alone had worked together for the nation in the past,” Chairman Oli said, answering the question of why not the three largest parties – the Nepali Congress, the UML and the Maoist Centre- which are the agents of political change in Nepal, together form a coalition government for the purpose of giving political stability to the country in the context of the citizens yearning for the same at present.     

The UML Chair and former Prime Minister said, “The UML is a party that works in deference to the people’s aspirations and the nation’s needs. Collaboration is needed among the agents of change for the country’s political stability. The UML is for taking the lead for this.”     

Saying the constitution is the means of happiness and prosperity for the nation and people, Chair Oli mentioned, “Dialogue is the best tool to remove misunderstanding taking place among us. Dialogue can lead to consensus. Dialogue is again necessary. It is not necessary that there should be agreement on everything, but there must be consensus at least on basic things. We brought the multi-party system of healthy competition between the ruling and the opposition. Consensus should be accepted without refusing this system. “

Responding to a query, he explained that they have no excuse not to provide any achievement to the people while remaining in the government.     

“To be in power is to develop the country and provide facilities to the people. There is no meaning to remain in the government if people’s problems are not addressed. There is no meaning of any government if it fails to address the people’s problems,” he underlined.     

Chair Oli explained that the UML proposed the Nepali Congress to join hands at a time when it is necessary to develop the system as envisaged by the Constitution and to formulate laws, adding the NC should be serious about it.     

“We should stand together and we are one on basic principles of democracy. We brought this system after a long struggle and of our own choosing. It should be made strong. Constitution should be amended if problems surfaced in the course of its implementation. We should hold dialogue and forge consensus for its successful implementation keeping the people at the centre,” he stressed. (RSS)

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