DPR of Raxaul-Kathmandu railway being prepared

KATHMANDU- Detailed project report (DPR) of Raxaul-Kathmandu railway is being prepared.

DPR of the 136-km railway is being prepared after conducting feasibility study, according to Nepal Railway Company Limited. The technical team of Indian Railway Company Corporation is preparing the DPR of the railway. General Manager of Nepal Railway Company Limited, Niranjan Kumar Jha, said, “The DPR will be prepared within a month.” Construction of the railway would take momentum after the approval of DPR.

Nepal had sent an official proposal to India in 2077 BS to prepare DPR after Nepal and India signed the memorandum of understanding for the preliminary feasibility study of the Raxaul-Kathmandu railway on September 1, 2019.

DPR is being prepared as per the proposal, added Jha. The Indian Railway Company, Konkan, had prepared report with coordination of government of Nepal in eight months. As per the preliminary study, the tunnel and special types of bridges would be constructed in the 136-km long railway.

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