Earthquake and We Will Rise

74716_10150851682181243_1451653577_nBy Mohan Krishna Shrestha–

“We Will Rise”, a slogan soon coined in the aftermath of the massive devastating earthquakes of last year has been ringing these days in many ears. This euphoric words, in fact, are very motivational. It is inspiring as well and these words have given a strong forte to the Nepali minds to stand again to overcome the devastation of the earthquake.

I was rather confused and did not understand well the underlying spirits in its formative days. However, by now, seeing the successful events accomplished, I am fully convinced that We Will Rise Foundation is a good platform for anyone to contribute for our nation and people. Quite different in spirits as well as in activities, WWRF has distinguished itself with achievements.

The genesis about the birth of We Will Rise Foundation is closely linked with the devastating earthquakes which hit Nepal on 25 April and 12 May 2015. Probably, if earthquake did not hit our country, this foundation would never have been born. Soon after the death counting climbed and havoc wreaked by the earthquake began to be unraveled, few pious souls in glittering Hong Kong were sleepless. Nirmal Shrestha and Suraj Gurung were pained as soon as news about the colossal loss of both, men and materials, caused by the earthquake being reported. They got a rude awakening that they must do something for the quake victims. They consulted Mr. Tulsi Gurung who endorsed the idea immediately and gave some good advice, moral support as well as motivation. A vigorous fund raising campaign accrued a sizable amount donated by people from China, Hong Kong and Macau.

They arrived in Kathmandu and got supported from a bevy of enthusiastic friends. Subash Dhakal, Khadga Pariyar, Mukunda Bogati and Bikash Rauniyar joined Nirmal and Suraj to make a team. Actress Rekha Thapa helped select Karthali Village in Sindhupalchowk district for extending help.

The devastation in the village was so visible as everything standing was flattened. They went to Karthali and embarked to construct buildings for the school and playground for the students. Soon after the completion, the inaugural ceremony provided a great relief in the just earthquake hit village. At the handover ceremony, the team was joined by Actress Karishma Manandhar, Singer Komal Oli, Film Director Samjhana Uprety Rauniyar and Actress Shilpa Pokharel, Agriculturist Madan Rai, Psychologist Karuna Kunwar, Dr. Subash Pyakuryal, Taekwondo coach Deepak Bista and above all Yogi Bikashananda to name a few.

Their collective efforts produced a soothing effect to the villagers who were maimed by the earthquake devastation. The humanitarian assistance work in Karthali provided a big platform to solidify the spirit of We Will Rise and eventually to form as a non-profit and non-political non-governmental organization. In fact, the spirit of We Will Rise was born in Karthali as the team devoted their energy to the villagers to make resilient to overcome from the grief.

WWRF is now officially recognized organization with objectives to promote national pride, culture and unity both at home and abroad. Not a year has passed but WWRF has accomplished several important activities. It feted our national cricket players who were selected to play at the World Cup under 19 as well national football team which clinched Bangabandhu trophy in Dhaka. The spirit further fueled and the national team eventually beat mighty and long standing rival India in the final match in SAARC football game held in Guwhati. It was a victory long sought by all Nepalese which has had remained elusive for 23 years. Soon after the team returned home, they were also feted by WWRF at a ceremony on 30 March 2016 in Kathmandu. To lend support Tulsi and his wife flew from Hong Kong to Kathmandu for the occasion.

Further, yet another function was organized on 7 June 2016 in Kathmandu to fete Everest Summitters who have had recorded many outstanding feats. Phurba Tshering Sherpa, just at the age of 28 has climbed Mt. Everest for 10 times. His another record was that he climbed Everest 9 times between the age of 17 to 24 years hardly to be emulated ever. He also created a history to climb Everest 2 times withing three days.

Another lady Lakpa Sherpa had climbed Everest 7 times, yet another record. Although in frail health, Ang Rita Sherpa (who was nicknamed Snow Leopard) also graced the occasion who has climbed Everest 10 times without using oxygen. Included in the list was Min Bahadur Sherchan, who at the ripe age of 76 yeas climbed Everest successfully. There were few other outstanding summitteers who have established rare records.

Everest summit heroes included 7 brothers from the same family. Present on the occasion was Mingma Sherpa who has had already climbed all peaks over 8,000 feets in the world. Miss. Sushmita Maskey, who had climbed all highest peaks in seven continents was also present. Naturally, the occasion provided a great happiness and satisfaction to the Everest summitteers.

Another important aspect of the event was the idea to send the pieces of stones brought by Phurba from Everest to Their Excellencies the President of China, France, United Kingdom and United States of America as well as to the Prime Minister of Britain. Similarly, a piece has been sent to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Effort was geared to draw the attention of such world leaders to the causes and effects of global warming on our snowy Himalayas.

WWRF’s forthcoming event will be Hike for Nepal slated to be held on 24 July 2016 in Hong Kong with a view to invite foreign guests to visit Nepal for tourism promotion and help rebuild the country.

With accomplishments enumerated as above, WWRF is now slated to become a fully operational NGO with the objectives of promoting national interests. With suitable activities both at home and abroad, WWRF aims to develop a strong strand of camaraderie and cooperative attitudes among Nepalese nationals wherever they live.

Their pious objectives are to help the poor victims of the earthquake hit areas. However, they are also longing to extend possible assistance to other downtrodden and marginalized people like orphans, single mothers, disabled and who are in real need of assistance. Women’s empowerment remains their another important objective in the long run.

WWRF, within a short span, has snowballed into a viable force to reckon with for pro-Nepal and pro-Nepalese activities. It’s activities are being well received and noticed by Nepalese and foreigners alike. Demands are coming from different countries to host WWRF programs. Promotion of brotherhood and unity among Nepalese as well as to promote synergy for national development remain lofty goals of WWRF.

Without any linkages to the thoughts of caste, creed, language and cultural backgrounds, WWRF takes all Nepalese as a single entity and wishes to contribute for overall national development by undertaking suitable activities in future.

WWRF is being supported by the people from different walks of life. Their contribution has made it possible to accomplish activities for which WWRF remains obliged

WWRF’s activities has given a strong message and urge to the Nepalese people at home and abroad to make contribution for national development. It’s horizon of activities are not confined rather spread broadly to promote prominent social areas like education, health, sports and in many others.

The motto of WWRF to Nepali people “let’s be united wherever we live” is more than appealing. Although Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-linguistic country yet the hallmark is the cohesiveness and harmonious way of life with peace and unity above all.

(Shrestha is currently an adviser to WWRF. He previously served as the Nepal’s Ambassador to France)

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