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EPG's joint report - A major breakthrough on Nepal-India relations     - nepalforeignaffairs nepalforeignaffairs

EPG’s joint report – A major breakthrough on Nepal-India relations    

KATHMANDU ( 2July 2018) – The Eminent Persons’ Group (EPG) has completed its task making a uniform position on the controversial treaties and issues existed between Nepal and India including the treaty of 1950 and porous borders.

In the last meeting held in Kathmandu, EPG ended with joint report on the treaties and issues that so far has been the cause of  general hiccups to serious tensions.

The biggest success of the EPG is to agree to replace the treaty of 1950 Peace and Friendship signed between Nepal and India 68 years before when Nepal was in a final battle to overthrow Rana Oligarchy. The treaty is unequal not only in terms of its contents, in terms of signatories too.

After the treaty, many and significant changes have taken place in Nepal and India as the role and responsibilities of the power nations have been redefined and reset. Nepal saw the three shifts in governing system – Constitutional Monarchy and Democracy, Absolute Monarchy-  Federal Republic – and India also witnessed the dynasty rule to Hindu Fundamentalist -BJP.

India, a vibrant democracy since it became independence from United Kingdom on 1947-  has been trying to address the domestics conflicts within its democratic constitution but new political and diplomatic world order has compelled to form clear outlook to world and neighbor.

In this backdrop, the old treaties and agreements, which are almost obsolete, should be renewed, replaced and amended.The EPG has come to this position in the given two years term.

Though the detail of the common report will be made public soon after meeting with the two Prime Ministers, it is said the EPG agreed to  replace the old treaties with new one and regulate the open border.

As the Prime Minister Oli and Prime Minister Modi are moving forward with restoring normal relations leaving aside the controversies, the EPG report has given further impetus to make restored relations better. Prime Minister Oli, who has been leading the national interest without compromising sovereignty and territorial integrity, has pragmatically deployed balanced foreign policy. The visit of Prime Minister Oli to the India and China has remained as the evidence of his dignified and pragmatic foreign policy.

Both the governments should now fully own the EPG report and redefine Nepal-India relations in the changed context.


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