Experts in Delhi concerned over Nepal’s transition

Experts have expressed concern over Nepal’s prolonged political transition during a talk program held at Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses in New Delhi on Friday.

Director of the Centre for South Asian Studies Dr Nischal Nath Pandey, Former Indian Ambassador Rakesh Sood, Former Indian Ambassador to Lao and Nepal expert S.D. Muni and Professor Hari Bhansha Jha spoke on the occasion.

Dr Pandey said that the culture of asking shares from hydro-projects by locals and workers discourages foreign investors and the present political instability is impacting all aspects of national life.
Former Ambassador Sood opined that fragmented politics of Nepal may continue for sometime and Nepali political leaders have the habit of requesting for Indian mediation and then when it doesn’t suit them, they call it interference.
He also said that the anti-Indian phobia previously supported by the palace is nowadays championed by the leftists. “It is in the genes of the leftist forces to bash India,” Sood said.
Professor Muni said that there is confusion among the establishment in India about Nepal policy. “Every arm does quite dissimilar things and this is compounding the situation,” he said.

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