Full text of President Dr Yadav’s speech at Boao Forum for Asia

Statement by Rt. Hon. Dr. Ram Baran Yadav

President of Nepal

At the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2015

Boao, Hainan, 28 March 2015


Mr. Chairman,

Their Excellencies the Head of State and Government,

Honorable Ministers,

Heads of the International Organizations,

Delegates of Business Communities,

Members of the Board of Directors of the Boao Forum for Asia,

Distinguished Delegates,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am greatly honoured to speak to this august gathering of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2015 here in this beautiful city. My sincere appreciation goes to the organizer and also to the Government of the People’s Republic of China for inviting me to this Forum and for extending generous hospitality to me and my delegation ever since our arrival in Hainan Province during this pleasant spring season.

Since its inception in 2001, the Boao Forum for Asia has become a very important platform for discussion and mutual sharing of experiences on pertinent issues confronting our region and beyond. The theme of this year’s conference “Asia’s New Future: Towards a Community of Common Destiny” is both appropriate and timely. I am confident that this Forum, through its fruitful interactions and in-depth discussions, will be able to generate innovative ideas and ways to realize the vision.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The rise of our large and diverse continent has been unprecedented. We have the world’s second and the third largest economies along with many other emerging economies. There was never a time in history when Asia has been so dynamic in its promises and progress. It is our sincere expectation that this history will be a history of peace, stability, democracy and collective prosperity.

However, this optimistic scenario should not overshadow the ground realities of Asia. Not all countries have managed to ensure dignity of life to its citizens. Poverty, hunger and deprivation still exist in many countries. Income and other forms of disparities that persist between and within countries just cannot be ignored. We need concerted efforts to resolve these problems and create a more stable, secure and prosperous future for Asia.

Peace and stability cannot be achieved in the absence of collective economic security which requires sound cooperative frameworks to unleash growth and development. Peace and poverty cannot go together. Development of the continent as a whole has to, therefore, be a common goal and all countries must find space and resources to grow and prosper.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before I conclude, please allow me to speak briefly on Nepal and its development challenges.

As you all know, Nepal has undergone political transformation of historic proportions. With the abolition of monarchy in 2008, the country became federal democratic republic. Promulgating a new constitution through a popularly elected Constituent Assembly is the most important national task for us today. Despite the difficulties we have encountered, I strongly believe that the people of Nepal are capable of finding amicable solutions. We call for greater understanding, solidarity and support from our friends and well-wishers in this endeavour.

As a least developed and land-locked country, Nepal faces severe obstacles in its development efforts. Lack of adequate infrastructure, low level of industrial base, inadequate capital, lack of technological know-how and shortage of skilled human resources and low level of productive capacity characterize our economy. As a result, we have not been able to bring about qualitative change in the living standard of our people despite the abundance of natural and human resources with enormous potentials of tourism, hydropower and agriculture development options.

We need huge investments in economic infrastructure and productive sectors of economy as well as in institutions and people, especially the growing youth population. Nepal offers a liberal and attractive regime for investment and we appeal to the business community to seize this opportunity. Infrastructure, hydropower, agriculture, tourism and information technology are some of the sectors in which investment can be beneficial.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Partnership, cooperation and collaboration have no alternatives in achieving the desired goal of community of common destiny in today’s interconnected and interdependent world. We look forward to working closely on the new regional initiatives such as Asian Infrastructure Development Bank and Silk Road Economic Belt for the benefit of all in the region.

Finally, I thank the organizer once again for providing me with this opportunity to participate in this forum. Nepal will do its utmost to facilitate and cooperate in shaping a ‘community of common destiny’ that would represent an ideal future for Asia.

I would like to end by expressing my best wishes for the success of this forum.

Thank you.




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