Gang up in India against Oli, Rajya Shaba’s discourse breaches Nepal’s sovereignty      

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 31 August 2017) – When Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was in India’s state visit, Indian Rajya Shaba Television hosted a show on the visit. The panellists were Indian Former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal, Professor and Ambassador SD Muni and Journalist Bharat Bhusan.

Did they promote bilateral relations? Absolutely – NO. The whole ‘The big picture’ show was not focused on Nepal’s Prime Minister’s visit, it was focused on CPN-UML’s Chairman and Former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. The Delhi’s trio’s commonness was very much explicit to isolate KP Sharma Oli and UML.

They reached in conclusion – India should do all possible efforts to stop KP Oli coming back to power in Nepal. For this, New Delhi should support the current coalition of Nepali Congress, Maoist centre and Madhesi Parties. They said ”We should give all way support to them to isolate those forces, which are against India.”

Why are these Indian commentators ganging up against Oli? It’s again clear and transparent. KP Sharma Oli is the only incumbent leader in Nepal who fought with India against inhuman blockade. KP Oli is the only leader who didn’t compromise national interest, independence and territorial integrity.

While in India as Prime Minister, Oli out rightly denied Modi’s insistence to include the constitution amendment as part of joint statement consequently that was not issued. Oli propounded a principle in dealing with neighbours – principle of ”sovereign equality”. Oli signed historic Transport and Transit  agreements with China diversifying Nepal’s trade and paved a way for China’s rail to link Nepal.

Indian Think Tanks, Foreign Experts and Analysts had been closely following Oli and the day as Oli held ‘on- to-one’ meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Transport and Transit treaty was signed, New Delhi’s discontent took a ”destructive turn”. Oli was ousted by India with her Nepali loyalist- Prachanda and Deuba. Oli led UML became largest party in local election that has terrorized India that’s why New Delhi’s Nepal strength is now deployed againt Oli.

The  Rajya Shaba’s big picture was just a trailer.

Without even maintaining a diplomatic courtesy, Former Indian Foreign Secretary, Sibal addressed Oli and CPN-UML as ”Oli and Gang”. He said India should use all means to prevent Oli to come to power.

”If Oli and his gang come back to power, that will be a major setback to our interest. we can do in the ground to prevent that”, he said,” ”If Oli come back, it will be setback to India, and it should be prevented”.

With no hesitation he said India should intervene in the domestic affairs of Nepal. ”They are some who says you cannot rule out oli coming to power, I think people in government, different agencies should play role to shape events in Nepal.” To win the sentiment of Nepali people, according to him, India could be more generous to Nepal.

”Nepal should change its attitude towards India” Sibal told .

In a different language, journalist Bhusan, who is known to Nepali affair, has said Oli’s come back to power would be disaster not only for Nepal but for India too.

”KP Oli coming back to power would be disaster for India, it is disaster for Nepal too” He said. He blamed Oli of being divisive and problem for Madhes.

“He is divisive personality, he is the one actually created all the problems with the Madeshi. He is petty politician, who looks his own interest, he happens to be supported by a section of Nepal. who are upset with India” Journalist Bhusan said.

Bharat Bhusan, a frequent visitor to Nepal, also expressed anger against Indian establishment for losing ground in Madhesh.

”Nepal’s Pahadai dispowered Madhesi. You have five months long blockade, you tacitly supported Madhesi. You had strategic asset of friends in Madhes, now you have lost” he said,”The pahadis are never with you. Media is against you. The whole Kathmandu is against with you.”

SD Muni was bit different to judge KP Sharma Oli. He tried to dilute the power Oli has achieved in Nepal by his deeds for the nation. To defeat or challenge Oli, all other forces in Nepal should be unified, the current coalition should be continued.

‘We want the combination and coalition of Nepali Congress, Maoists and Madhesi go ahead. You would have never 2\3 majority unless you have coalition. This is the bad message for the inclusion in Nepal” he said.

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