German Embassy organizes painting exhibition

Nepal Foreign Affairs (Kathmandu, Dec 16)–Embassy of Germany Kathmandu recently brought two women painters from two different countries: Nepal and Germany. In a painting exhibition that went for a week since 4th December at Taragaon Museum, Gabrielle Lockstaedt from Germany and Bidhata KC from Nepal displayed the women prowess in the field of art.



Gabrielle is a celebrity painter in Germany. During the last 12 years, she has presented her work in Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Finland, France, US, Russia, Moldavia and now Nepal. Her recent cycle displays a profound expressiveness, which has become a pictorial trademark. Now, she sets vast grey levels against glowing patches of gold and red.

Even though grey remains to be the dominating colour, each figurative conture or colourful element symbolizes the emerging transformation of organic matter. Her complementary mixed-media applications include such exotic materials as wooden ashes and volcanic sands. It is for the scattered inclusions of gold, yellow and red pigments to create this special twilight atmosphere.

On the other hand, Bidhata KC, recipient of Master Tej Bahadur Chitrakar Memorial Award, is a well-known Nepali painter. Her paintings in the exhibition brought Lhomanthang, the life and geography there. She had visited Lho two years ago, but she says, the memory stayed in her mind so deep that she devoted an entire year recalling through her paintings the people, their hardships and geography. Her uncanny ability of bringing alive in paintings, by using both abstract and impressionistic techniques, the lives of the people she saw makes her stand out in the field. About 100 paintings by the two artists were in exhibition at Taragaon Center for Arts and Culture until December 11.

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