Government establishing National Cyber Security Centre

KATHMANDU- The government is going to establish the National Cyber Security Centre to fulfill the aspirations of the ‘Digital Nepal Framework 2076 BS’.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers on January 23 this year had decided to set up the Centre. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is going to establish the Centre to conduct digital forensic investigation and to act as a focal point for research and development on cyber security, promotion of cyber security, public awareness enhancement, identification of challenges, prevention, response and recover.

Joint-Secretary of the Ministry and Centre’s Chief, Anil Kumar Dutta, said, “The establishment process of the National Cyber Security Centre has reached a final stage. A structure comprising 12 employees has been formed to operate the Centre and the office will be set up within a few days.” He shared that the Centre was going to be instituted in view of the increasing cyber insecurity in various countries in the recent days and more so in the context of Nepal. “As the cyber insecurity is increasing and in the context of Nepal, not all know how to use computer. Wi-Fi is available unchecked. We need to go places to streamline it,” said Dutta.

According to him, the Centre will monitor the sensitive information infrastructures round-the-clock, assess cyber incidents and evaluate risk, form an emergency support group with technical human resources to address cyber risk that occur suddenly. Such groups will be formed in all local level as well, he said.

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