Government sends circular to local & provincial government : follow ”Vienna Convention”

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 23 March 2018) -The government has urged the representatives of local and provincial government to follow Vienna Conventions while meeting with foreign ambassadors.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs has sent the circular to all local and provincial governments on Friday reminding the Vienna Convention that manages the diplomatic conducts. It has also sent ‘note’ to the foreign missions based in Kathmandu to abide by the Vienna Convention when they plan to meet the representatives of local and provincial governments.

Over a week, some meetings have been held between Chief Ministers, ambassadors and foreign representatives on the issues of local and provincial developments. But in all these meetings, federal government was not informed.

According to the constitution, foreign policy, security, currency etc are the areas which will be looked upon by the federal government. To hold such diplomatic meetings,  a prior approval of MoFA should be sought.

Handling of foreign policy is a very sensitive consequently all the concern stakeholders must pay attention on it.

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