Historic Unification, Historic Opportunity

KATHMANDU – The major two Communist Parties of Nepal – the CPN-UML and the Maoist Centre – have formed a powerful communist party in Nepal on Thursday.

Chairman of UML, KP Sharma Oli and Chairman of Maoist Centre, Puspa Kamal Dahal Prachanda announced the new party -Nepal Communist Party amid the huge mass of enthusiasts in city hall.

After a long effort of almost nine months of the decision to merge the two parties, 17 May was the historic day in Nepal’s Communist history.  This is the greatest unification of two communist parties in Nepal.

With the formation of Nepal Communist Party in Nepal, it has become the powerful ruling party in centre and commands strong majority in six provincial governments out of seven. In province no.2, Madhes parties – Federalist Socialist Party and Rastrija Janata Party – have formed the government.

It is said that Nepal Communist Party is the largest Communist Party in South Asia too. Therefore, this new development on Nepal Communist history has regional and global importance too at a time when the Communist parties of world have not been performing well and losing their grounds.

 In our neighbour -India, the Communist Parties of Marxist (CPM) ruled the West Bengal for 30 years but now it could not have been even be the strong opposition. The CPM lost its last bastion Kerala means Indian communists seem to have been fighting for their existence.

The Communist Party of China (CPI) in no way can be comparable with other communist parties of world since it has distinct features, what can be called of Chinese characteristic.

Consequently, Nepal’s communists have made a history outnumbering Nepali Congress in three tiers election including parliamentary.

Prime Minister Oli and Prachanda, both took the initiative and achieved the goal despite the internal and external conspiracies constantly hatched against the decision that was made public.

But forming a powerful communist party cannot be solution itself.  How can this unified strength support the national goal of obtaining development and prosperity is important. If goes by the rhetoric and menifesto of leftist alliance, there has some hope to make Nepal, really a developed and prosperous Nepal.

Prime Minister Oli so far has given no chance for grievances. Prime Minister Oli, instead, restored the lost hope of people that Nepal can really move further with sole agenda of development.  We hope this unification  will not only leave positive imprint in communist history but in Nepal history too.


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