India commits 77.35 million grant assistance for constructing a new school building in Kapilvastu

indexKATHMANDU, Oct. 19 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–India has committed NRs 77.35 million for construction of a new building of Shree Shivbhari Secondary School in Kapilvastu and a Science Block for Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus in Morang, the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu said in a press statement.

Second Secretary at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu Gyanveer Singh and Local Development Officer of Kapilvastu Chandrakanta Nuepane and Principal of Shivbhari Secondary School Surendra Mani Chaudhary signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) for construction of the school building for Shree Shivbhari Secondary School, Kapilvastu on Oct 18.

On the same day, another tripartite MoU was signed among Gyaanveer Singh, SS(DP), Shobhakhar Regmi, LDO, Morang and Mahendra Narayan Yadav, Campus Chief, Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus for construction of Science Block for Mahendra Morang Multiple Campus in Morang district. “Both the projects will be executed with the total financial assistance of NRs 77.35 million by the Govt. of India under its Small Development Programme Scheme as part of India–Nepal Economic Cooperation Programme,” the embassy said.



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