India to fund for school and health post buildings in Darchula and Irrigation Project in Dhading

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 7 April 2022) – The Embassy of India and the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Government of Nepal signed three Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs): first with Duhun Rural Municipality, Darchula, for the construction of Janabikash Secondary School; second with Naugad Rural Municipality, Darchula for construction of Earcoat Health Post Building and third with Galchhi Rural Municipality, Dhading for Maheshfaat Irrigation Project respectively.

The above community development projects shall be built under the     India-Nepal Development Cooperation with the financial assistance of the Government of India at a total estimated cost of NRs.70.87 million for the construction of Janabikash Secondary School (NRs. 33.74 million); construction of Earcoat Health Post Building (NRs. 25.36 million) and Maheshfaat Irrigation Project (NRs.11.77 million) in Darchula and Dhading districts.

The construction of these projects will provide better education facilities and better health care facilities for the locals and will help local farmers to enhance irrigated agriculture and crops production, thereby raising their livelihood and improving the economic status of the people.

Since 2003, India has taken up over 524 High Impact Development Projects (HICDPs) in Nepal and has completed 467 projects in the areas of health, education, drinking water, connectivity, sanitation, and creation of other public utilities across all 7 provinces of Nepal at the grassroots level. Amongst these, 32 projects have been undertaken in Province-7 Nepal, including 6 projects in Darchula District, and 102 Projects have been undertaken in Province-3, including 3 projects in Dhading District.

As close neighbors, India and Nepal share wide-ranging & multi-sectoral cooperation.  The implementation of these projects reflects the continued support of the Government of India in bolstering the efforts of the Government of Nepal in the upliftment of its people.

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