India, U.S. expected to move forward on set of initiatives in 2022: White House

PTI (WASHINGTON, 11 January 2022) – In 2022, India and the United States are expected to move forward on a wide-ranging set of initiatives, including fight against the pandemic, climate change, QUAD, and new and emerging technologies, the White House said on January 10.

“As you know, back in September, the [U.S.] President [Joe Biden] hosted Prime Minister Modi at the White House and their meeting was about launching a new chapter in the history of U.S.-India relationship. At that time, the two leaders laid out their shared vision for U.S.-India relationship and [we] will continue to work closely this year,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at her daily news conference.

“You can expect our Governments will be moving forward on a wide-ranging set of initiatives from cooperating to fight the pandemic, scaling up action to address climate change, working bilaterally and through the QUAD [Quadrilateral Security Dialogue], expand our cooperation in trade and investment, cyber, and in new and emerging technologies,” Ms. Psaki said.

She was responding to questions on the agenda of the Biden administration with regard to the India-U.S. relationship in 2022.

“We continue to closely monitor the situation. We continue to support dialogue and peaceful resolution of these border disputes. We’ve been pretty clear how we view Beijing’s behaviour in the region around the world. We believe it can be destabilising, and we’re concerned by the PRC’s attempt to intimidate its neighbours,” she said.

“We’ll continue to stand with our partners on that,” Ms. Psaki added.

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