Inte’l Conference on vision of Bandung Conference kicks off

A two-day international conference on “Vision of Bandung after 60th years: Facing new challenges” kicked off from Saturday in Kathmandu.
The conference organized by Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organisation’s Nepal Chapter, is focused on ongoing problems and challenges faced by the Asian and African countries. Prime Minister Sushil Koirala inaugurated the conference at Hotel Soaltee on Saturday. Forty participants representing from 20 countries are taking part the conference.
“Bandung’s objective to fight against colonialism and raise awareness for peaceful co-existence is still relevant. This organisation wants to highlight the importance and spirit of the Bandung conference even after 60 years,” Oli said. The conference will concluded issuing a Kathmandu declaration.
Vice Chairman of AAFSO Nepal Chapter, who is the former ambassador to Russia, Hiranyalal Shrestha, said AAFSO was against the western invasion in Ukraine and Saudi Arabia-led military attack in Yemen. ”We strongly denounce such invasions under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) or any type of military alliance against domestic affairs of a sovereign country” he said. AAFSO got shape in 1958, just three years after the Bangdung Conference held in 1955 in Indonesia.

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