International community congratulates Nepal over conclusion of local body polls

KATHMANDU, Sept. 20 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–The international community, on Wednesday, congratulated the Nepali people on their participation in the first local elections held in Nepal after a hiatus 20 years.

“These elections are an important contribution towards revitalizing democracy at the grassroots level,” read a press statement issued by half a dozen Kathmandu-based diplomatic missions.

“We recognise the Government of Nepal and the Election Commission’s significant efforts which have allowed the completion of the complex and technical preparations needed to undertake nation-wide elections for the 753 local units. This provides important lessons for future elections,” the statement said.

The international community also encouraged the political parties and the Government to consolidate the role of the newly elected local authorities, so that they can fulfill the promise of decentralization, outlined in the constitution.

“The dates for the elections to State Assemblies and the House of Representatives have already been set, these are important steps on the road to the effective implementation of the Constitution. We trust that these elections will be held in a peaceful, inclusive and broadly supported manner,” the statement further said.

Embassies of Australia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, America and the Delegation of the European Union have reaffirmed their commitment to work with all stakeholders for the further implementation of the Constitution and in support of the aspirations of the Nepali people.



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