Kathmandu-based envoys to assess statute drafting

McGoldrickRanjit-RaeNepal Foreign Affairs (Kathmandu July 7) —
Kathmandu-based ambassadors are holding a meeting on Thursday to assess the latest political development in Nepal, a diplomatic source told NFA.

The meeting is taking place at a time when major parties are giving final touch on the first draft of the new constitution tabled in the Constituent Assembly on June 30 following the 16-point deal on June 8.

With the strong opposition of Madheshi parties on the 16-point deal, a section of Kathmandu-based diplomats have intensified efforts to mediate a deal on the basis of a ruling of the Supreme Court that urged the government and signatories of 16-point deal to finalize names and boundaries of the states as per the Article 138 of the Interim Constitution.

Last week, Indian Ambassador to Nepal, Ranjit Rae, hosted a dinner meeting at his residence with a group of several Madheshi parties ranging from orthodox Maoists led by Matrika Yadav to an India loyalist Mahantha Thakur, who is more with democratic lean.

According to sources, Madheshi leaders sought India’s intervention to ensure their stake in the constitution-drafting process and put pressure on the major parties to address their demands.

“The ambassador told us he would convey our concern to his government,” a leader who attended the meeting told NFA on condition of anonymity.

The Indian Ambassador is also expected to brief the diplomatic meeting on Thursday about the concerns of Madheshi parties and political developments thereafter.

On behalf of the international community in Nepal, UN Resident Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick will host the meeting at the UN Building Pulchowk, Lalitpur.




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