Minister briefs parliament about the status of Nepalis in Israel: three injured, 12 not in contact

KATHMANDU- Minister for Foreign Affairs NP Saud has informed the Parliament about the status of Nepalis in Israel.

The Palestinian group, Hamas, had attacked the south area of Israel at 6.30 am Nepal time on Saturday. Minister Saud informed the House of Representatives about the condition of Nepalis who are under attack and the initiatives Nepal has been making.

“As per the information received from the Nepali Embassy, the Israel Government source and international news agencies, it is understood that the Hamas group mounted the attack in the morning of Saturday, and hundreds of people have been killed and injured so far due to this attack while the Hamas group has abducted and held some people hostage,” he said, adding that out of the 17 people in the south region of Israel, two are unharmed and three others injured in the attack are undergoing treatment at local hospital.

Foreign Minister Saud said out of the remaining 12 Nepalis, some were not in contact and the entire apparatus has been mobilized to confirm the situation of the remaining ones as they might have been among the casualties. Four thousand and five hundred Nepalis are working as ‘care-giver’ in Israel at present. Similarly, 265 students are studying there. Among the 49 students who had gone to Israel from the Far-west University, 17 were studying in southern Israel. Out of these 17, two are unharmed and the condition of the rest is not known, according to the Minister.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs also reiterated in Parliament that the Government of Nepal takes this incident that took place in Israel seriously. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ called a meeting this morning and formed a coordination committee under the Foreign Affairs Minister’s convenorship and with the representation of all the bodies concerned. This committee will take stock of the situation and will figure out the situation of Nepalis in Israel after making the overall assessment of the incident. It has also been mandated for carrying out rescue as well, he added.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs informed the parliament that the Ministry immediately instructed the Nepali Embassy in Israel for the required rescue, facilitation and coordination, and for taking the exact information on the condition of Nepalis there soon after receiving information on the attack in south Israel. He also informed that coordination is being established with the Israeli government. It is learnt that the Hamas group stormed into the southern area of Israel from sea, air and land, and launched the attack, and held the citizens hostage, the Minister said. It is stated that some human casualties have been reported in Gaza region as well due to the retaliatory attack by Israeli forces.


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