Modi doctrine attained success in Nepal, writes Indian Professor Chaulia

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 12Janaury 2017) –  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s doctrine in Nepal has not been failed, Indian Professor Sreeram Chaulia has claimed in his recently published book.

‘The author did not see Modi doctrine failed in Nepal’ Indian media has reported quoting the book  ‘Modi Doctrine : The Foreign Policy of India’s Prime Minister.’  The author has mentioned that Prime Minister Modi’s  policy in Nepal succeeded since China’s loyal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was replaced by Prachanda.

‘Economic blockade in late september 2015 immediately after the promulgation of the new constitution of Nepal did generate anti-India sentiment’ the book says,”The role of S. Jayashankar, Indian foreign secretary and his visit two days before the constitution was to be promulgated became a big issue in Nepal”.

The political leadership of Nepal saw it (Jayashankar visit and economic blockade) as India’s interference in the internal affairs of Nepal, the report further mentions,” Subsequently, Puspa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ replaced KP Oli as the PM. Nepali see India played a role in bringing Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist-Centre) and Nepali Congress (NC) together.”

The book has revealed some bizarre features of Modi’s foreign policy. For Modi as the author claims growing anti-Indian sentiment in Nepal is India’s success. Similarly, interference in the domestic affairs of Nepal has also been Modi’s diplomatic strength.

The author has weaved the news reports, which have been with uniformity saying that  the current Prachanda led coalition was the Indian choice since KP Sharma Oli led government was forging closer relations with China overlooking India’s core interest.

‘China gained significantly following blockade. As a landlocked country Nepal has decided not to depend too much on India and did various agreements with China’ professor Chaulia writes.

The book has in details presented the aggressive foreign policy adopted by Prime Minister Modi. According to media reports, the author also has highlighted how it is different from the earlier Prime Ministers.

The book emphasis on how Prime Minister is giving importance to Indian Diaspora whenever he travels abroad he make it a point to meet NRIs and OCIs (overseas Citizens of India) and tries to address their issues, the reports mentions, ”By the end of his first year in office, Modi had visited eighteen countries, a record in itself. As of July 2016, PM covered forty-two countries, six of which hosted him twice and one received him four times. No earlier PM has travelled so much time.”

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