Modi’s reelection seems in favor of Nepal

Oli knows the India's sensitiveness and Modi is informed about the Nepal's need. There seems no collapse on the mutual understanding of supporting each other for the benefit of both.

Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 22 May 2019) -India’s poll surveys have clearly put the weight behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his reelection in the high office.  Tomorrow the result will verify the poll surveys.

But the most important question for Nepal is whether Modi will have comfortable majority or not to govern the Indian politics. Because, Modi has begun some historical works or has responded positively to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for the latter’s proposal for deepening the bilateral relations on the basis of mutual benefit.

Therefore, Modi’s second tenure as Prime Minister is politically and diplomatically beneficial to Nepal and Nepali people. As India’s External Affairs Minister Sushama Swaraj told Nepali Journalists visited India that the bilateral relations has been improved and should be continued in the days to come.

Sushama’s observation is correct. After the inhuman blockade imposed to Nepal, the bilateral had reached into the lowest ebb. As India’s high-level political leadership realized that they committed blunder and conveyed to the Nepali leadership, the relations gradually seems to be normal.

Nepali Prime Minister Oli put his strong conviction on national interest and protected the Nepal’s independent image at the adverse time.  Prime Minister Modi responded Oli and requested to move ahead with forward-looking approach than to look behind the dark period.

Now the things are normal. Modi’s reelection means the continuation of the historic mega projects launched between Nepal and India.  This time Nepal needs finance to exploit the rich natural resources and to build infrastructures, for this Prime Minister Modi has committed the significant support.

Secondly, Oli-Modi chemistry seems encouraging for both the nations. Both the Prime Minister have focused to connect Nepal not only through the air but rail too, for this the feasibility survey has been completed for Indo-Nepal train.

Third, the political stability is the precondition for the development and prosperity. As the Nepal government has the policy of Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal, the stable government and enduring policy is must. Modi’s coming to power for the next five years means the political stability in India. Oli has still three and half year to rule Nepal as Prime Minister.  Oli and Modi to lead Nepal and India for at least three years would be the golden period of bilateral relations. The current past can predict the prospect.

Fourth, Oli knows the India’s sensitiveness and Modi is informed about the Nepal’s need. There seems no collapse on the mutual understanding of supporting each other for the benefit of both. After all, diplomacy is to fulfill the national interest through the win-win situations.

Thus, Modi’s elevation to power for one more tenure is by all means the best for Nepal.

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