Multiple factors cause rise of severe COVID cases in Beijing: health experts

Xinhua (BEIJING, 23 December 2022) –  Health experts noted that multiple reasons have led to a rise of severe COVID-19 cases in Beijing, as north China generally sees a greater occurrence of respiratory infectious diseases in winter times.

Some senior patients developed severe conditions after contracting the Omicron variant, but will recover from the infection after treatment, said Li Yanming, head of the department of respiratory and critical care medicine at the Beijing Hospital, whose patients admitted are mostly seniors.

Tong Zhaohui, vice president of Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, said the hospital has been receiving an average of 350 to 400 fever patients and around 500 patients with emergencies daily in recent days. China has prepared medical facilities for treating severe cases as the country is witnessing a rise in the number of these patients.

Third-grade hospitals should take in COVID-19 patients with severe conditions as well as those with multiple critical underlying conditions, said Jiao Yahui, an official with the National Health Commission. Senior patients with underlying conditions and children should be directly transferred to third-grade hospitals as soon as their conditions change, Jiao added. Third-grade hospitals rank at the top of China’s three-tier hospital grading system. They have the most hospital beds and provide comprehensive medical services.


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