Mutually beneficial cooperation won’t change due to change of guard in Nepal, says China

21-1458552003-nepal-china-flagKATHMANDU, July 26 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)– China on Tuesday expressed hope that all political parties in Nepal put national interest first and worked for stability, after the landlocked country’s prime minister resigned, nine months after coming to power, according to Reuters.

The northern neighbor’s response has come three days after Prime Minister K.P. Oli’s resignation from the post.

“As a neighbour and friend, China genuinely hopes that all parties and sides in Nepal put the national and people’s interests first, and dedicate themselves to effecting Nepal’s stability and development,” China’s foreign ministry said in the statement.

“China and Nepal have been through thick and thin together, and no matter the changes in the international or domestic situation, the direction of China and Nepal’s friendship and mutually beneficially cooperation will not change,” the statement added.

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