Nepal- China to hold first joint military exercise in February


yang-yujun1Nepal Foreign Affairs (KATHMANDU, 30 December 2016) – Nepal and China are all set to conduct joint military exercise in February next year.

Chinese Defence Ministry Spokesperson on 29 December confirmed that the Chinese Military was looking forward to conducting a joint exercise with the Nepali Army.  ”China and Nepal will hold their first joint military exercise in 2017” People’s Daily of China has tweeted quoting the Chinese Defence spokesperson.  The joint exercise would focus on preparing each other’s armies to combat terrorism.

The report, which was made public a week before, has worried India. India media have been constantly  flaying Nepal government for such military exercise with China.  They have also raised questions about the commitment made by Nepali Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal while supporting him for this coveted position.

Nepal government has not yet confirmed the report officially.  The army sources said that the decision in this regard has been taken by both the sides. But the exact date, venue and other detail have not been fixed yet, the sources said.

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