Nepal, China to hold joint military training from April 16-25 in Nepal

KATHMANDU, April 13 (Nepal Foreign Affairs)–Nepal and China are all set to hold a special joint military training from April 16-25 in Nepal, the Army Headquarters confirmed on Thursday.

The Army Headquarters said that the joint training named ‘Sagarmatha Friendship-2017’ is going to be held with an objective of boosting military cooperation between the Nepalese and Chinese People’s Liberation Army in view of possible security challenges due to terrorism around the world.

The special joint military training between the armies of Nepal and China is a continuation of joint military training or exercises which were conducted with our other neighboring and friendly countries in the past, the Army Headquarters added.

This is the first ever military training between Nepal and China. The Nepal Army had launched military exercises with India and the United States of America earlier several times.








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